What I Eat In a Day Vegan Style | Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas

What I Eat In a Day Vegan Style |  Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas

Here is what i eat in a day vegan style, what I eat in a day to lose weight, and some healthy vegan meal ideas for those of you who are vegan, want to go vegan, already are vegan, or are just experimenting with veganism for a day. I didn’t have any vegan snacks on this particular day but this will give you a good idea for a vegan breakfast, vegan lunch, and vegan dinner.

I realize I may have glossed over it too quickly in the video, but for my vegan dinner I had a dish I make from meatless soy protein “beef” that I stir fry with bell peppers and tomato basil sauce. I get the meatless meat from Trader Joe but you can usually find them in most grocery stores now.

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